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High Speed Computerized Flat-bed Coverseam 

A series of 4 or 5-thread and 2-needle overlocks, equipped with an integrated energy-saving servo motor (Direct Drive system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption. Double transport: bottom and top. The upper transport ensures the perfect movement of the upper and lower layers of the sewn materials, eliminates the problem of overcoming transverse stitching and any gussets.


  • JACK W4-D-01GB – interlock machine (standard) without automatic functions


Technical parameters

  • sewing speed: 7000 stitches / min
  • double transport: bottom and top
  • central lubrication
  • integrated LED lighting for the work field

Technical Specification

ModelNeedlesNumber of needlesNumber of threadsNeedle gauge (mm)Stitch width (mm)Differential transportPresser foot lift (mm)Sewing speed: 
stitches / min
W4-D-01GB11#/14#351.5 - 4.55.6/6.40.65 - 1.375500

JACK W4-D-01GB – interlock machine (standard) without automatic functions



  • Collect or Local Delivery Can be Arranged

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